Jess Kunert Photography | About
Hi I'm Jess!
I began my interest in photography while I was in High School. Stemmed from my drawings, I was in Comic Illustration throughout High School. I took video my senior year and lo and behold the video teacher was also the photography teacher. The dark room was attached to the classroom and before too long I found myself spending more time in the dark room than working on video projects.
I started out as an art major in college and my first year of college, in the fall of 2004, I took photography along side my drawing classes.
By 2005, my stepfather built a dark room in the walk-in closet in my room. I spent most of my summer that year in it. I still have most of the equipment.
In the fall that year, I started playing with digital cameras and it was not too long after that in 2007 that I gained my first DSLR camera, the Canon D30, from my cousin in a trade for a DVD camcorder. It was around this time that I also switched my major to history.
In summer 2009, I broke the D30 and fell off the photography bandwagon for a while.
August 2012, I managed to save up enough money to buy another DSLR. This time it was a Canon Rebel T3.
By September 2013, I started doing free photo sessions to build a more concise and organized portfolio, seeing as my pictures from the past decade are scattered.
In February 2014, I established my business and began bettering myself as a photographer - including the equipment I was using. I am always looking for new ways to take my business to new level...
In May 2016, I graduated from East Carolina University with my Masters degree in American History. To me, photographs preserve history...a frozen moment in time...I think that is where my love for photography begins...
Above photo by Egan Eyes Photography